Motorists are being warned that ignoring mobile phone laws could have an impact on their car insurance premiums.

As well as a fixed penalty notice, which includes a fine and points, motorists are legally bound to inform their insurance companies. Research conducted by Admiral shows that this bit of honestly could cost up to £100 a year in additional insurance costs.

“If you receive a motoring conviction, no matter what offence it is for, you must inform your car insurance company. This will often result in a higher renewal premium because evidence shows that people with motoring convictions are a higher insurance risk”, said an Admiral spokesperson.

Studies show that 33% of motorist still use their mobile phones - an improvement on last year’s figure of 37%. Strangely, around nine in 10 motorists approve of the tougher laws, meaning that many of those who still use their handsets favour harsher punishment on themselves if they are caught.

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