A quirky little site today that can be taken two ways. In the first instance it will prove useful for anybody who likes to spend their time looking at the graves of famous people. Never been sure of the fascination, myself, but then that can be said of so many things. Millions seem to think that

Big Brother

is a form of entertainment, so what do I know…

Anyway, here you can type in your hero (or villain for that matter) and if the grave site is listed, you can go and say hello.

The other use, a more noble one I feel, is in aiding those researching their family trees. There comes a time in many people's live (trust me - I've been there) when knowing where you came from, in a genealogical sense (he types, carefully checking his spelling on that one...) becomes a nagging compulsion. Census records and numerous other databases will get you so far, but this could help you really connect with your past.

So, one for the ghouls and the amateur historians among you.

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