Every other day you'll probably get a new message in your inbox from somebody you know asking you to be come their buddy on Bebo or Flikr or FaceBook or, oh the list goes on and on.

If you sign up, you're likely to have an address book bugling with IDs, avatars, email addresses and contact details- all of which will probably have those wretched winking "smilies" attached. (When I'm King, they'll be first against the wall…).

fidg't (you can tell it's Web 2.0 by the spelling can't you?) tries to make some sense of it all by organising all your social networking details, blogs, photo sharing sites and everything else into one virtual network. You can even visualise it using a neat little Java applet and according to your parameters see it change as your contacts update their streams and sites.

They've even gone so far as to develpp a mobile version for you to take anywhere (phone permitting of course).

One to watch, this. It could well be the start of a new generation of networking hubs.

Couldn't see any smilies either. Good news.

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