The Slurpr. It looks evil, it sounds evil - it is evil. It want to steal your hard-earned broadband.

While warez-prizing hacker-types may be in the throes of ecstasy at the sight of this creation, at the risk of coming across all Daily Mail, us hardworking, bill-paying Pocket-linters are rigid with horror.

Created by a Dutch hacker this thing will suck bandwidth from open Wi-Fi networks (as many as six) to create one uber-channel for the evil box's owner.

Don't know what we're getting so het up about as anyone not WEP/WPA-ed upto the eyeballs deserves to get bandwidth nicked?

What if we told you that the evil genius behind the Slurpr was working on an upgrade to steal encrypted networks too?

Sigh. Just imagine what he could achieve if he used his powers for good...