Watching the telly or reading the news media these days you might be forgiven for thinking that nostalgia is the next big thing. (Just trying to figure out if that last bit makes any sense. Ah, well - onward regardless!)

Warhol famously stated that everybody would be famous for 15 minutes. Judging by the covers of the myriad celebrity gossip magazines, he might well've been spot on. So many "stars" come and go that it's difficult to keep track. This great site will tell all about those who have faded from the limelight.

Eighties pop stars who are still "working on new material".
Soap actors who are still"resting". Etc, etc....

Whatever the euphemisms, it's good to know that some of our favourite faces haven't been wiped from the face of the earth. However much we might have wanted them to be at the time...

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