PMA 2007: Top 10 Cameras and accessories from the show

With the dust now settling on PMA till next year, our sister site lists its top 10 finds at the show.

Photographers, time to get out your piggy banks.

10. Camera Armor
For those who like to be a bit more adventurous, Camera Armor is a silicon case the wraps around your Digital SLR camera ensuring that if you do drop it, it will be safe. Like an iPod case, this isn't designed to stop it from smashing, but it will stop bumps and scratches.

9. Delkin CF ExpressCard memory card reader
If you've got a new laptop, chances are you've got one of those express card slots on the side. The Delkin CF express card reader does what you think it does, allows you to read CompactFlash cards without having to worry about carrying a separate reader. Plug it in and away you go.

8. Canon Eos 1D Mark III
Canon's new powerhouse of a DSLR that will set you back over £3,000. Still with more features that we can list here including Dual "DIGIC III" image processors that drive the camera's performance fast enough to process over 100 Megabytes of data per second, this is likely to be the top choice for digital photographers around the globe.

7. HP R837
HP's latest consumer friendly compact offers 7 megapixels, the ability to tag images with labels, Pet fix so you can rid your dog or cat of devil eyes and finally the ability to touch up images in cameras to rid your subject of blemishes.

6. Olympus E-510
Olympus' new DSLR camera, the model's best feature is its Live View offering, that like a compact digital camera, allow you to view images live on its rear LCD. The technology promises to change the way Digital SLR are used and will allow photographers not to have to worry about getting their eye to the viewfinder.

5. Nikon D40x
Fighting back against Canon's 400D, the D40x ups the megapixel count of the D40 to 10 megapixels and steals some of the company's D80 features to boot. At a first glance it performs really well.

4. Joby Solo tripod
The Joby Solo tripod is for all those occasions where you want to wrap your camera around a post, tree or even your head. The strong links promise to hold the camera in place and like the company's tripod using the same technology, its really cheap.

3. Sigma DP1 14 megapixel compact
And we thought the megapixel rush was over. Sigma has gone and taken its sensor from its DSLR camera and shoe horned it into a compact model due out later this year. With a retro look and feel and a large LCD camera this, although expensive, could be the ultimate point and shoot for the professional photographer.

2. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G1 wireless camera
Sony goes wireless with its latest camera. Apart from sporting the ability to connect with four other cameras the camera also features a massive 3.5 inch screen. It too allows you to tag images, however you can't add any more than the ones Sony has suggested.

1. Leica C-LUX 2 compact digital camera - FIRST LOOK
Compact and super fast, this has to be our favourite camera of the show. An update to the C-LUX 1, the 7 megapixel camera really did impress us. A 2.5-inch screen, 3.6x zoom lens, integrated optical stabiliser (O.I.S.), and a 64MB SD memory card in the box complete the tech specs.