There's a new monster camera on the block, and it's from a relative unknown, BetterLight.

The company has been showcasing the Super10K-HS, a digital back for large-format cameras that boasts a whopping 416Mp.

You read correctly. Four-hundred and sixteen megapixels.

The scanning back creates images at 10,200 x 13,600 pixels, and allows output of originals at 34 x 45 inches at 300dpi.

You better have it hooked up to a pretty big computer - one files weighs in at 794MB.

So who will use this monster? It's designed for the art reproduction market as well as institutions making archival copies.

The price? A cool $22,995, which isn't that bad if you consider that medium format backs with resolutions just over 20MP where going for that when they first came out.