Triathlete Magazine goes digital

Triathlete Magazine have annouced that they are to launch a digital version of the famous magazine. Rather than providing an accompanying website, which the magazine already has at, this will literally be the digital version of the print magazine.

Coming in PDF format, it will mirror the contents of the print edition, but provide extra functionality, such as hotlinks and navigation features, all enabled within the PDF. Of course, this means that you can skip to the feature you want, without scrolling through all of the pages. You can also zoom, so take a closer look at that bling bike in Kona...

Another advantage, of course, is that international customers will no longer have to put up with delays in delivery, or the delivery charges - effectively, you can save yourself the $32 delivery charge for international readers. With the pound being strong against the dollar, now might be a good time to splash some cash on the other side of the virtual pond.