We've recommended a few sites to do with love and romance recently, so here's the backlash. We just had to mention this one because it had such an effect on us.

This is a site set up for those moments when your eyes meet across a crowded room, or a crowded supermarket aisle, car park, cash point queue, whatever. It's happened to us all at some point surely: you're on the down escalator and there, on the up escalator, travelling the other way, is a vision of loveliness. Your eyes meet. There's a moment. You go about your day with a smile on your face and a spring in your step. That's where normal people leave it.

Not so here. The aim of isawyouonce.com is to match up people who share these "moments". In one fell swoop you've gone from a flirtatious smile at a distance to potential Fatal Attraction.

Somebody, somewhere thought this was a good idea. We think it's one stop short of stalking. The whole think made us laugh - but in that slightly freaked out way that isn't quite so funny.

Once you've got past the nauseating opening narrative and garish graphics you can apparently check out their success stories. At the time of writing there aren't any. We found this (a) not that surprising and (b) a bit of a relief.

So if you catch somebody grinning madly at you and serruptitiously taking your picture, you might well be in the company of a subscriber to this little enterprise. Our advice would be to run like the wind. And start shopping somewhere else.


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