Boys, boys, boys. It's that time of year again (comes round quick doesn't it?!).

Most of us dread it, I'm sure - that moment of excited intrigue for her (gut-wrenching dread for you) as you hand over the gift, lovingly selected and beautifully wrapped/grabbed last-minute and shoved in a paper bag* (*delete as applicable). And then the face. Followed by "Thanks. It's lovely...".

Sends a shudder down the spine just thinking about it.

Face it lads - we need help. And help has arrived. And believe me, you're probably going to enjoy being helped too.

Playful Lady is a website stocking sexy and sophisticated lingerie, beachwear and nightwear. None of your tarty red lacy muck here either, just classy gear (modelled rather wonderfully too, as far as we're concerned - we've spent countless hours researching this site). Mind you, there is the fantasy wear section if you're into that sort of thing. Probably safer to stick to the regular stuff though and there's creams and potions to pamper your good lady too.

The site has become a firm favourite with many of the glossy women's magazines that your other half probably reads when you're not around. So you should be on safe ground no matter what you choose.

So, do the smart thing this year and get something nice - let's face it, for both of you! You've got a week. Just don't spend the next 7 days ogling this site without buying something! form


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