Samsung unveils L74, NV11 and i70 compact cameras

The run up to PMA has well and truly begun. In addition to Casio's two new cameras, Samsung has launched three more in the UK.

The most interesting-looking of the three new models is the i7, which has a 3-inch touchscreen that rotates 180 degrees. Weirdly, it also has a “Tour Guide” function that gives instant access to travel information in 30 countries.

The rest of the specifications are the same as on the previously-launched i70, except that it has MPEG4 video capture and an internal memory of 512MB, which is quite generous on a camera. The i7 will go on sale for around £250.

The next up from Samsung is an addition to its NV range, the NV11, which replaces the NV10 by adding several features.

It now includes MPEG4 video capture, a 2.7-inch screen, and Face Recognition technology.

Other features include 10Mp of resolution, 5x optical zoom, and a maximum ISO of 1600. It will go on sale in the US for $400.

Also launched today was the L74 Wide, which looks like it should almost belong in the NV range with its similar black matte casing.

It features 7MP, a 3.6x optical zoom that starts at 28mm, 3-inch screen, 450MB of internal memory, and Face Recognition AF and AE.

On sale from mid-March, the L74 Wide be priced at £230.