So, perhaps you're into water polo, judo and cheese-rolling and you live in Wrexham. Once upon a time it might've been a bit tricky to find people with the same interests as you, but thanks to this site it's now a doddle.

Registering with isporty opens up a network of "buddies" who've listed their sports, favourite teams and foibles so that finding people who are into the same stuff as you is made easy.

Registering takes no time at all, and the whole thing runs very smoothly. Once in you can set up your profile by choosing the sports and other stuff you like (wok racing? drunken boxing? they're both listed!) and then your homepage is prepared. Upload your photos, fanzines and video clips and start a blog - it's that easy.

What we particularly like is that this is unlike so may other sporty sites - you know the ones with forums where people spend days arguing over the merits of the defensive line-up of a third division Bolivian football team. No room for Stattos here - just normal people sharing their pastimes and their passions.

All power to them.

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