Now we don’t want you to worry, but one of the team here at Pocket-lint has been ill recently. One our four-legged members of staff – they who sometimes perform various uninvited “chew-resistance” tests on certain gadgets – has eaten something that has disagreed with her.

Normally this is a “straight to the vet” scenario – poorly puppy in one hand, maxed-out credit card in the other, but this newly-launched site can offer initial advice to worried pet owners. It’s basically NHS Direct for pets.

If your pooch takes to their sick bed, log on and select their symptoms. Then a series of Yes/No questions will point you in the direction of the appropriate action to take.

The site also has plenty of other advice on taking care of your pets. At the moment, only cats, dogs, horses and rabbits are covered in detail, but we’re assured there’s more to come. There is also a handy “find a vet” service to help you locate your nearest practice.

Now, must dash – the now healthy puppy has disappeared into the garden with a pair of Bluetooth headphones…

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