Because the old dog 'n' bone is getting a bit long in the tooth.

Hard to believe but the telephone has been around for 130 years this year and BT have put together this little site to celebrate the occasion.

It's presented as a timeline and as you first load up (skip the intro - it's a bit cheesy) it starts, logically, at 2007. (If it doesn't for you, then you've probably slipped through a worm hole or something and are now in a parallel universe. Drop us a postcard if this is the case - we'd love to know how Elvis is doing).

From here you can navigate back through the years and read about the milestones in telephonic history and also see some of the old classic BT ads.

The best bit? Easily the chance to win a grand's worth of BT shopping vouchers. Oh and the hint that by the year 2010, every boy's dream will have come true - X-ray specs might be a reality! form


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