Want to lose the belly?

Pocket-lint has tied up with men's website Mansized to offer you free fitness advice.

Whether you want to lose the tum or firm up your bingo wings, Mansized's fitness editor Anthony Punshon has all the advice you need.

You can talk to him at live at Mansized every Wednesday at 1pm throughout January. All experience levels are welcome.

Anthony has also put together three easy to follow workout and diet programmes and they're all free to Pocket-lint readers. They're suitable for all age groups and are jargon free. Charts to record your progress are included, as are links to all the workout moves you'll need.

Each plan takes no more than three half hour sessions a week so you won't be down the gym all hours. The diets are realistic and straightforward and Anthony's always on hand to offer more suggestions.

We at Pocket-lint really rate the site so drop in and say hello from us. We may even be tempted to lift a few weights ourselves.