Pocket-lint is proud to announce the launch of two new websites:

Photographypress.co.uk and Gamesdog.co.uk.

With digital camera use becoming more and more an everyday feature and games becoming more mainstream, we've noticed over the past year an increase in stories in both these areas.

Not wanting to fill Pocket-lint with stories on just digital cameras or games - hey we cover lots besides - from today you'll be able to get even more gaming news and reviews and even more Photography news and reviews from our two new sites.

That's not to say we will be stopping covering games and photography on Pocket-lint. Far from it, but for those who want more than just the main announcements Photographypress.co.uk and Gamesdog.co.uk are the places to go.

Why choose us over the mass of other sites out there? Because here at Pocket-lint we aim to approach the areas in the same way, look and feel that you already know and love.

No lengthy, weighty 16-page reviews to plough through only for us to tell you shouldn't waste your time, nor just another blog or website posting press reviews so you have to wade through all the company superlatives to get to the story.

So for all the latest games news and reviews it's


and all the latest photography news including digital cameras, printers and much more it's