And we’re not talking about assaulting nuns here either. Smoking: filthy habit. And, it’s soon to be outlawed in public places, so there’s no better time to think about quitting.

“But that’s in the summer”, I hear you shriek, as you reach for another fag. Indeed it is. But won’t it be nice to be able to sit inside the pub and gaze out at all those unfortunates, huddled round the patio heater (British summers being what they are), puffing away and say “I used to do that”.

As an ex-smoker I’m not under any illusions about how tough it is to quit, but these days there’s a lot more help out there than they used to be. This site is a great starting point. Before you get stuck into the latest fad, be it hypnotism, acupuncture, crystals or cow dung, get the facts and figures and decide on what’s best for you.

And just think of the money you’ll be trousering if you do quit: if you’re on 20 a day, by this time next year you’ll have saved over £2,000.

Reason enough to stop, we reckon.

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