Here are a few suggestions for once you’ve got rid of granny, picked up all the wrapping paper and finally eaten that last wretched mince pie.

The traditional Christmas: good times spent with nearest and dearest, fine food and perhaps a little too much to drink, crap telly, indigestion and a shed load of gift-wrapped stuff you didn’t want.

The enterprising among you might be interested to hear that there are loads of sites that you can use to get rid of unwanted gifts this year. There is always eBay, but why not explore your options, just a few of which are listed here. is probably our favourite. A trading site that makes it easy, as you don’t need to wait for a swap – every item you send in earns points – use the points to pay for the stuff you want. There are no listing fees and the postage charges are reasonable. You can even buy points if there’s something you see that you fancy. is a more traditional take on the bartering idea: items are listed by people seeking specific swaps. You can search by what you’re offering or what you’re seeking and the trade can be organised. is a reward scheme aimed at the under 18s. In partnership with major brands, Swapit points can be earned and spent in a safe online environment and there are loads of bonus points available from online suppliers or for recommending your friends – you even get ten free points just for joining.

Naturally, you can always give your stuff to charity and with sites such as and you can easily find your nearest branch.

Alternatively, you can wrap it all up again and give it back to people next year!

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