is a site for translating text at the click of a button. Because at this time of year’s it’s good to be able to say Heldig Jul, Hamingjusamur Jól or Alegre Natal. If you know people in Denmark, Iceland or Portugal, that is. The free service (which I have used here, so apologies to anybody whose mother tongue I have abused above) offers quick, machine-generated translations. For a fee you can have a human do it properly.

Typing in a few words for a bit of a laugh is not really the purpose of this venture though, as it’s primarily aimed at those needing proper translations for business purposes. Complete files can be uploaded and then will be translated by a professional. Turnaround varies depending on the length and complexity of the original document and of course the chosen language, but it really is a slick and, for the most part, affordable service. The range of languages is quite staggering too.

Nadolig Llawen as we say in the Land of My Father’s.

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