Today’s website of the day is the latest initiative from Number 10 aimed at getting us, the poor proletariat, a bit more involved in policy making.

It’s in the beta testing stage at the moment, so the techno bods at Downing Street are looking for feedback. Who better to provide some than our dear readers here at Pocket-lint?

It’s essentially an online petition system, whereby you can start a petition and then invite other visitors to sign it. There’s no guarantee that any of the current crop will make it past the beta stage, but we certainly hope so. The one asking that people who plan cycle lanes be forced to actually use them was a particular favourite. Bear in mind too: a similar scheme in Hungary very nearly resulted in a new bridge over the Danube being named after a stand-up comedian. Alas, the bureaucrats stepped in and ruined the plan…

Power to the people. form


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