Today’s website of the day is the home of BT’s latest venture – on-demand television.

Based around their broadband service and Home Hub product range, BT are hoping that pretty soon you’ll be paying them for everything. To a certain extent this makes sense, all your digital content from one provider - one bill, one connection, one call centre to complain too when things go wrong. It remains to be seen if the whole package will remain competitive, but if you’re averse to paying for the full digital TV packages from cable or satellite providers, this could be the answer.

The normal Freeview channels are provided through this service as well as the on-demand films and sporting events (although if you can’t currently receive Freeview – you still won’t be able to with BT as the delivery is the same). They claim that Premiership football will be shown on the day of play and that there will be “thousands” of films to choose from. All programming will be available as a pay-per-view package, so how much it costs is really up to you.

All the information about how to subscribe to the service and what they will be showing will be available here from the launch.

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