Today’s website of the day is the best online source of booze with out the buzz.

The decorations have been up in some places for weeks already and supermarkets are blaring out their awful Christmas cover version compilations. The word around the office about where and when it’ll all take place and who will do what to whom and how often. Yep, it’s party season again.

Wouldn’t it be nice to actually remember what happens this year? Or if you have to drive to a party, not be treated as though you’ve just come back from a fortnight clubbing baby seals to death?

This site proves that you really can get a wide variety of drinks and other products without the usual intoxicants. The range of bottled beers is quite surprising and having sampled a few, we can testify to their authenticity.

The wines are excellent too, and you can see that the people behind the scenes aren’t peddling any old muck – it’s aimed at people who want to enjoy what they’re drinking as well as retain the use of their lower limbs.

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