Today’s website of the day is The spiking of drinks is an age-old problem. Some people see it as a bit of harmless fun, but the consequences can be horrific to say the least and as a prank it probably the most irresponsible thing anybody can do.

The party season is fast approaching and we’ll all be out there indulging ourselves perhaps a little more than usual. It’s a shame that some people see this time of year as a sinister opportunity.

With hundreds of cases of sexual abuse blamed on spiked drinks, dangerous reactions to drugs taken without consent and designated drivers finding themselves over the limit due to the addition of intoxicants to their soft drinks, it’s a problem that can affect anybody, regardless of age, gender or social proclivities.

This site is the homepage for a handy little product which fits into the neck of a bottle so that only a straw will fit into it making the addition of anything unpleasant almost impossible.

Clubs, pubs and many Police authorities endorse the product and for literally a few pence you can protect yourself and ensure that the only effects of your drinking will be self induced. You’ll only have yourselves the blame for that one!

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