Not sure what you want for Christmas? Here are a few suggestions to put on your Christmas list.

Sky HD
Christmas with the family is a trying time, so what better way to keep them quiet than to show off stunning images on your HD TV with Sky HD. Better still, you'll get Sky+ in the deal meaning you can record all your favourite programmes and still make it down the pub for a quick half before Christmas day lunch.

Philips Ambilight
You don't just want any TV to show off when the family comes around - you want one complete with disco lights! Philips Ambilight might be more expensive than other TVs on the market, but those lights sure are pretty.

Gears of War - Xbox 360
Microsoft's Gears of War on the Xbox is their shiniest shooter yet. Luscious graphics and great gameplay mean this is going to be a must have for anyone who's got an Xbox 360 games console.

BlackBerry Pearl
Okay so we are all supposed to stop working over Christmas, but for those wanting to sneakily check their emails Christmas day then this is the device for you. Small, compact and really stylish, the Pearl is RIM's most consumer-focused model yet. Heck, we've even filed news stories from it, it's that good.

Navman N40i
Christmas means travelling, so you want a satnav that will get you from a to b without all the arguments in the car. The N40 comes with a button to stop you at the nearest petrol station if you are running low, traffic alerts and more innovatively a digital camera that allows you to snap and save your location for future reference. The days of punching in postcodes could be over...

Sony Ericsson K800i
The name's Bond, James Bond. The phone of choice for 007 could see you looking equally as cool this Christmas. Better still, with a 3 megapixel camera and the option to upload images with text to a account via the phone's 3G connection, the phone will be ideal for catching the boss in the Stationary cupboard with the office tart. Say "cheese".

Philips Sonicare e9500 toothbrush
If you're having a party on New Years Eve you want to have clean sparkling gnashers. Philips let you do this with two speeds and two brush head sizes. They even offer a 28-day money back guarantee if you aren't happy.

Nintendo Wii
If you're looking for gaming on a budget then you'll want the Nintendo Wii complete with its interactive controllers. Coming out just in time for Christmas, this is likely to be very popular, so don't leave it to the last minute. Watching Granny on Christmas day playing virtual tennis as got to be worth £180 surely?

TomTom One Region
If you don't like the idea of the camera and just want a simple effect option for the roads, then TomTom One's Region or Europe versions will help you out. For £200 it is one of the best GPS systems around and won't cost you the earth. Better still, for an extra £60 you can plug in the company’s new traffic alerter which should guide you away from trouble spots over the holiday season.

Call of Duty - Xbox 360
More adult gaming, this time set across the backdrop of World War II. You play an allied soldier fighting the Germans. Intense graphics and sound make this a visual visceral treat and one that needs to be kept to yourself when everyone else has gone to bed.

Blockbuster movie rental service
What better excuse to spend a quiet night in with the other half than with the latest DVD. Blockbuster's service means you don't have to spend hours in the store deciding what to get and everything comes in the post. In fact if you managed to put your sofa by your letterbox you wouldn't even have to get up. We love it.