Today’s website of the day is the online home of the latest big screen incarnation of Ian Fleming’s super spy 007 James Bond. (Or should that be James Blond. This new chap’s not the usual dark and swarthy type is he?)

The website has the movie trailer, naturally, and also a couple of games to play as well as background information on the film, cast and crew.

The eagerly awaited debut of Daniel Craig as the suave secret agent previews tonight before going on general release tomorrow. And we’ve got every faith in him. There’s always a media scramble whenever the Bond baton is passed on to a new actor, but we reckon this is a good move. Time will tell of course, but we reckon Craig’s piercing blue eyes could be staring out from a few more Bond movie posters in the next few years.

The film itself is a reworking of Fleming’s first Bond adventure which first hit the screen in the 60s as a spoof with David Niven in the main role.

This version however gets back to what the author really wanted Bond to be: a tough, uncompromising and on occasion ruthless servant of Queen and country. The film packs in great set pieces including a spectacular free-running chase sequence and the usual blend of exotic locations and glamorous eye candy.

Oh and the gadgets, as always, will leave you shaken but not stirred (sorry, couldn’t resist…).