Today’s website of the day is an intriguing little offshoot from the Wetpaint page-building company.

At some point you must’ve seen a piece of graffiti and thought, “wow, I wish I could have a go at that”. Well, now you can. You’re given a blank virtual wall and a set of artist’s implements ranging from brushes to spray cans to even a paintball gun to let rip with your artistic prowess. The only limitation is the amount of paint you can use. At first this might seem a bit stingy, but the idea is for you to create a piece of art and then pass it on to your friends and see what they can add to it. The creation keeps going until somebody decides it’s finished and calls a halt. It’s then published in the online gallery for the whole world to see.

(While you’re in the area check out too. If you’re after a simple web presence or basic home page this could be just what you need.)''feedback form


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