Today’s website of the day is the home of iPoems, the Poetry Video-Jukebox and the original Poetry Jukebox.

This, basically, is poetry for the iPod generation. But in itself that’s a bit of daft statement. Think about it: you’re sitting on a train and you notice how many people are sitting there with the telltale white leads dangling from their ears. Old people, young people, all colours and creeds are plugged into their own little world of noise and more and more of them are listening to stuff other than music.

So the “iPod generation” is a pretty broad one and this site offers a broad spectrum of poetic content to browse though and download.

Some content is free but for the full experience, you’ll need to cough up a subscription. But it makes a very pleasant change form the latest offering from Girls Aloud and the like and it’s worth it alone to catch Benjamin Zephaniah at his fiery best.

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