Today’s website of the day is a website that we hadn’t visited for quite a while. Such a while in fact, we’d forgotten how good it was.

The recent departure from this mortal coil of Steve “Crikey” Irwin got us thinking about life and death and the funny things that people do. Naturally, the Darwin Awards came to mind.

The awards have been around since the dawn of the internet, or so it would seem. They are tales of the bizarre and in many cases ingenious ways that people manage to bring their existences to spectacular ends. Gathered from reliable news sources around the globe they are an astonishing foray into the realms of human creativity and above all stupidity.

These days, the site looks a bit slicker with a lot more content to keep you amused – there are books and T-shirts for sale as well as illustrated examples of real demises.

The archive is intact too with all our old favourites: the Houston man playing Russian Roulette with a semi-automatic pistol always makes us chuckle. Even though it shouldn’t.