Today’s website of the day is a website that in our opinion needs as much support and exposure as it can get.

Imagine the scenario: it’s Friday night, you’re on the sofa in front of your favourite TV show, you’ve got your third drink of the night warming your belly and you are suddenly struck by the need for chocolate. Not a problem, you can walk to your local shop and pick up a jumbo Toblerone to satisfy your craving. Job done.

Now imagine it slightly differently: same Friday night, same set up, but your local shop is no longer there. Their trade pretty much dried up when that new giant supermarket opened on the edge of town. Pretty soon they upped sticks and left.

Doesn’t sound too far-fetched these days does it?

Well, one man became so worried about the situation that he set up this website in support of our local independent shops – the sort of places that don’t all look the same and the staff remember your face when you pop in.

The site is basically a directory of businesses which are fighting the good fight against the multinationals’ plans for global domination, and as it’s early days they’re looking to recruit new members.

So, take a look at this site and then let your local businesses know about it and independent stores and services might yet be saved.

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