Seagate has announced that it has been able to set a new world record by recording 421GB per square inch.

To put that in perspective, it means that 1.8-inch consumer electronic drives would be capable of storing up to 275GB of data – so a 275GB iPod isn’t that far off. Seagate’s recently launched 160GB 2.5-inch drive only manages to cram in 125GB per square inch, while Toshiba has squeezed 188GB per square inch into its recently demonstrated 2.5-inch drive.

The capacity ranges would also see a 500GB storage solution for 2.5-inch notebook drives, and 2.5TB or a 3.5-inch desktop drive.

Seagate’s demonstration was done with recording heads and disc media that is based on production technology, which means that production should not be too hard to achieve.

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