Today’s website of the day is the Internet home of one of Auntie’s most popular drama series.

The eagerly awaited season five of Spooks kicked off over the weekend (part two is BBC1 tonight) and rather than just a gratuitous plug for the show, we’re mentioning the site because it goes a bit deeper than your average web-based spin-off.

Naturally you can catch up with what you’ve missed, and in this case it includes viewers’ reviews of the previous four series too. But what we like in particular is the in-depth stuff. There’s stacks of information about MI5 - including a potted history - and the intelligence community as a whole. The sizeable chunk dedicated to all those lovely gadgets seen in the show is fascinating reading and Our Man at Thames House assures us that, although they’re often a bit sexier on the TV, most of the technology featured is very real. (He assures us that the offices aren’t as glamorous though!)

The show itself has been something of a phenomenon. It has been credited with increasing interest in recruitment by the Security Services to unprecedented levels and it has also been claimed that due to the grisly fate met by high-profile female characters, the proportion of women applying has dropped. (Wannabe spies can find all the links they need here too).

With games for both your desktop and your mobile, wallpapers and various other goodies, this microsite will keep you occupied for ages. form


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