Today’s website of the day is a sister site to a previous Website of the Day from back in April. And it’s one of several handsome siblings too.

Ajax is the umbrella name for a series of online programs that allow you the freedom of using word processors (, spreadsheet utilities ( and drawing tools ( from any computer. All are very user friendly and almost identical to the better known software they mimic. Apart from the fact that they’re completely free of charge.

So naturally, a music player wasn’t going to be far behind. Ajaxtunes allows you to listen to your favourite music anywhere in the world by creating a virtual locker for your files. These can then be shared and streamed to anywhere you like, as long as you’ve got the Firefox browser running – the only limitation on any of these sites. And that’s hardly a limitation as Mozilla’s product is one of our favourite browsers anyway.

There’s an ajaxOS in the pipeline which will release you from the restraints of your hardware and let you access all your files on the fly. Watch this space.

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