Today’s website of the day is a website that should just about confirm Tesco as the nation’s biggest and most ubiquitous retailer.

Apparently, for every £8 that is spent in the nation’s stores, £1 of it is spent in Tesco. Gone are the days of childhood taunts of “you get your best clothes from Tesco’s…” and the like.

They. Are. Huge.

They’ve taken on some of the biggest corporate names on the planet in an effort to sell goods at knockdown prices (remember the three year battle with Levi Strauss?) and they’ve branched out into insurance, finance, telecommunications, health and fitness; not to mention the cheapest petrol you can buy. Oh, and they practically invented the loyalty card.

When Tesco makes a move, the retail world pays very close attention

Launching today, this site is an unashamed assault on Argos and their domination of the non-food direct retailing market. Boasting an initial 8,000 products it looks like you really won’t need to shop anywhere else any more.

Just think of the Clubcard points…

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