World's most expensive fridge now on show at Harrods

European appliance maker Gorenje has unveiled the most expensive fridge in the world designed for those to whom money is no object.

The £10,000 fridge-freezers, named “The Eye-Catchers”, of which there are 10 available, are studded with 7000 Swarovski crystals, to make the black surface glitter and sparkle like a starry night.

A second commercial line of these fridges has also been developed, but they only features 3500 crystals in two rows down the front.

Costing around £1400, the black and silver models are 200cm high, and feature touch-screen controls that not only monitors what’s going on inside the fridge, but also controls the built-in radio, recipe book, and voice memo recorder and player.

If you’re tempted, pop down to Harrods, where they’re sold exclusively, or check out