Today’s website of the day is a website devoted to this green and pleasant land and its glorious flora and forna.

Well, perhaps not so green after the summer we’re having but surely there’s no better place than the British Isles in good weather. And let’s face it we have some of the most varied and beautiful wildlife in the world.

From golden eagles, grouse and pheasant to red deer and even a few red squirrels still in the nation's parks. We even have dolphins, whales and, in recent times, giant leatherback turtles swimming around our shores.

If you want more information about this sort of stuff, this community-based website has a wealth of information, most of it provided by its registered members. Of which you can easily become one, free of charge.

With everything from gardening tips to advice on where’s best see Britain’s native species, to galleries of members’ images (some 12,000 and counting) and forums covering all manner of wildlife news and issues. This is an informative and well-presented site and with the emphasis on input, there’s no reason not to get involved. form


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