Today’s website of the day is a website that might well generate some useful extra cash for you.

Most people these days tend to have at least one old mobile phone languishing forgotten in a drawer or cupboard somewhere. This site will pay you for it.

Once you’ve registered with envirofone, you can search for the model you want to trade in and they will tell you how may points it’s worth. These points can be converted into cash, or credit at Argos. The latter option will give you slightly more to spend.

Once you’ve agreed the trade-in, they send you a Jiffy bag and you drop your phone in the post free of charge. All they ask is that the phone will actually power up. They will rigorously test the unit before crediting your account so don’t expect an overnight result. I recently traded in five old Nokias and the whole process took around four weeks to complete. But I now have £156 that I didn’t have before!

When you’ve got your cash or credit you might not care what happens to your old phones, but with envirofone you can rest assured that nothing unethical will be going on. Useable phones are repackaged for sale in developing economies and unusable ones are safely recycled.

This scheme is open to both individuals and charities – who may find it a very useful way to raise income. Also, for every transaction made, envirofone will make a donation to one of a list of charities.

Basically, there’s no downside, so get rummaging and get rid of those old phones.

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