Today’s website of the day is a website that reinforces the fact that we may not know much about art here at Pocket-Lint, but we know what we like.

We like things simple and clear-cut. We also appreciate a thing of beauty when we see one.

But when it comes to art, it can get a bit, well, stuffy. A bit aloof. A bit “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it”.

Jaggedart aim to change all that. Their mission is to make art both accessible and affordable, and to our (mostly) untrained eyes, they seem to be succeeding. Here there are no pages of pretentious waffle to wade through, just easily navigable galleries of the current crop of artists’ work. (The photography section is particularly attractive at the moment.) You can browse through and get a feel for each category and start to form a few ideas about what is you like. You might even be tempted to purchase a little something.

Other services provided include a personal art advisor and if you do decide to buy, they will suggest suitable frames and they will arrange delivery and installation too.

And as a respected colleague once told me: “you’ll never regret the art you buy. Only the art you don’t - and then wish you had.”

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