Nintendo DS Lite accessory range from Logic3

So you've coddled your iPod in protective armour, bought flash headphones and the dock and speaker system for it, and now your attention turns to … your Nintendo DS Lite.

Logic3 has released a line-up of DS Lite accessories that should cover your every need.

The Starter Pack is a collection of protective gear to keep your console safe. It includes two screen protectors, two games cases so you can protect them on the go, a set of retractable earphones, and a replacement stylus.

All of this, plus a case to keep it all together, retails for just £9.99.

Next up is the Travel Pack that builds on the Starter Pack. For £19.99 you get a car charger, USB charge cable, two screen protectors, three games cases, two replacement stylus and a set of retractable earphones, all packed in a carrier case with room for the actual console itself.

Other products include the Essential kit with three replacement stylus and two screen protectors for £4.99, and a replacement AD adaptor for £6.99.