Today’s website of the day is a website with one of the best names we’ve come across!

But before you get too excited, this site is all about gardening, but more importantly ethical gardening.

You might think that by its very nature gardening is green. Well to a point yes, but this site run by the people at Lower Blakemere Farm in Herefordshire. Their mission is do educated those of us with green fingers to treat our gardens in a more nature-friendly way.

Flower beds look dazzling in June, but the rest of the year they’re not particularly attractive and they do nothing for the local wildlife. A sturdy fence might give you a little more privacy, but planting hedgerows will encourage all manner of wee beasties to come and live in your garden creating a haven for some of the UK’s most fragile wildlife.

The site covers everything from suggested planting regimes to composting and seasonal plant care tips. There’s also a regular podcast and a very informative blog. form


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