Today’s website of the day is a website that offers you the chance to buy your very own genetically engineered pet!

Each pet come pre-packaged in a state of hibernation. The “Bioengineered Buddy” can be purchased in a choice of colours – each colour representing one of seven different personality types. There is even a gauge to tell you how fresh the pet is – you don’t want one that’s been on the shelf too long now do you?

Of course, this is all nonsense. Genpets are the work of the artists Adam Brandejs and they are his statement against the increasing level of human interference with nature. The fact that Genpets are so believable is testament to the kind of society we live in. The artist has displayed animatronics displays of the shrink-wrapped pets in selected stores and they’ve caused quite a stir. Unfortunately, more often than not, for all the wrong reasons.

The website is all too believable and is presented in exactly the way you can imagine a large corporation trying to promote this stuff. As scientific satire it’s hard to beat.

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