Today’s website of the day is a website that should satisfy the need for speed – automotively speaking anyway.

Many people claim to be petrolheads, but a Pistonhead is somebody who doesn’t just like cars – they live them.

If, like me, you thought a limited slip differential was just some kind of fancy drinks holder, then you’ll find this site educational as well as exhilarating, as you read all the latest news from the world of fast cars. And with the London Motor Show just around the corner a bit of brushing up on the latest models is just the ticket.

A comprehensive collection of road tests will tickle your taste buds for all those cars most of us can only dream about. But if you are in the market for something special, there’s a full-colour classifieds section too

And we think their “Spank It” T-shirts make fine stable mates for the must-have Pocket-Lint “Fluff Merchant” attire. What do you mean you haven’t bought one yet…? form


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