Today’s website of the day is a website that encourages people to “share what they make and how others can make it”.

If, like me, you are often struck (usually in the middle of the night) by an amazing idea for an invention that will make your fortune. And if, like me, you either can’t remember in the morning or can’t be bothered to try, this site is for you.

Its contributors are people who can be bothered and who can remember those brilliant ideas. Trawl through this site and you can learn how to make an air conditioning unit, or a 3D laser scanner or (oh yes!) a lightsaber. You can even learn how to pimp your child’s bike. This is DIY gone bonkers.

Some of the items are a little worrying (homemade detonators?! flame cannons?!) but most of it is just harmless creative fun.

You might not make your fortune from it though

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