Today’s website of the day is the official home of the Tour de France.

For three weeks every summer, France comes to a standstill for this sporting spectacle that is as full of drama, tension and unfathomable tactics as it’s possible to imagine.

Gone are the heady days of Eddie Merckx and riders quite literally dropping dead at their handlebars, but with the Texan Lance Armstrong having hung up his carbon fibre and titanium spurs last year, after an unprecedented seven straight victories, the game is truly afoot. Recent doping scandals also add to the frisson of excitement as Le Tour sets off – several riders and two teams have had their invitations to compete revoked. This promises to be a very interesting trip indeed.

The site is multilingual and comprehensive and is updated daily with the latest developments and television schedules. There’s also a section that attempts to explain the rules of the various competitions within the main event. A little time spent here will start to lift the veil a little and will add to your enjoyment of this fine sporting event.

Hard to believe it all started out as a publicity stunt for a newspaper…

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