Today’s website of the day is a website that will help you calculate your household CO2 emissions and then advise you how to improve matters.

Hardly a day goes by without warnings in the news about climate change and the damage we’re collectively doing to our world just through living our day-to-day lives.

Armed with a few facts and figures and a sprinkling of inclination you can see what effect your daily commute and each holiday flight you take and even your central heating use has on the environment.

But this site is not aimed at making you feel like the villain of the piece. In fact, it is presented in a positive way, much more “what you can do to change” rather than “look what you’re doing you selfish scoundrel”.

You can buy Carbon Footprint Offsets to help fund research and development into sustainable energy options and you can also join the increasingly popular “plant a tree” campaign.

So, if we all give it a whirl perhaps we can start to make a big difference by making just a few small changes.

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