Kids get explorer gadgets via National Geographic

With the summer holidays in site and the weather turning sunny, what better excuse to get your kids out into the garden and away from the TV. are hoping that its new range of National Geographic sets will do that and bring out the explorer in your child.

The National Geographic Explorer kit has everything you will need to catch that butterfly or mole and includes compass, binoculars, torch, magnifying glass and instruction manual so you can work out how to use it all. It also includes a set of quiz cards to learn about local flora and fauna. (here).

If your little one is a digger rather than a catcher then you'll be needing the National Geographic Metal Detector. With sensitivity control, audio and light alerts this metal detector can be used as a full sized ground detector or as a hand held scanner for suspect individuals! (here).

Of course you've got to radio in your finds to make sure no body else gets the booty while you're running to find someone to tell them your good news. Here once again National Geographic offers a couple of Walkie-Talkies to do the job (here).
Finally, you aren't going to be able to catch everything in the daytime and some exploration work has to be done at night. It seems therefore that National Geographic has thought of everything, as kidestore also sells Night Vision Goggles for kids (here).