We're not really sure if this is for real, or if we're just the victim of a belated April Fool's prank.

However, we found this so amusing we felt it worth sharing. A company has spent many man hours devising a way of protecting some of the most delicate of fruits from unnecessary damage and come up with the BananaBunker.

Ideal for stopping kids from damaging their packed lunches, the invetors claim that the BananaBunker will protect the delicate product from bruising when placed in backpacks etc. whilst at the same time protecting everything else from those squelchy banana in the iPod moments.

We're not sure what to make of the BananaBunker, but anything that contributes to less clearing up of mess is good in our books.


It's not the first time time has been spent on creating a protective case for the humble banana however, Lazyboneuk.com sells a device called a Bananabox that is just that - a banana shaped box for your banana.