"You've paced the room, and rocked the cradle, you've tried feeding, burping and changing - but the baby is still crying and one of the most distressing aspects, especially for first time parents, is that you just don't know why."

The above was lifted straight from a website that claims to be able to help in the indentification of root problem.

WhyCry®, the baby cry analyser claims to offer a solution. The company behind it says that this "unique" nursery aid can analyse a baby's cry, giving you an indication of the cause of the crying itself.

At £65.99 a unit it's a hefty investment. But, for parents at the end of their tethers it might just be the answer. I've often thought my own mother might be a little more useful (who will of course be on 24hr call-out), but I'm willing to give anything a try for a quiet night.