An enterprising american outfit has come up with the "flanker diaper bag" - a unique storage and retrieval system that helps guys pack and locate items necessary for the care of their child.

Split into "zones", each with a separate function, the bag promises to make you look like the business, even when carting baby paraphenalia around.

The “Guy Zone” provides easy access to your mobile, car keys and MP3 player. The “Comfort Zone” locates the dummy and bottle holder on the outside of the bag to give quick access to the things you need fast and often.

Other zones include the “Baby Zone” for toys and clothes, the “Changing Zone” which puts the changing pad, nappies and wipes all in one area, and the “Neutral Zone” which provides extra space so you'll always have the room you need. “Zone Defense Technology” gives you the winning edge to handle the challenges of being a dad.

It's currently only available in the US and priced at $115. However, we are lobbying hard to get them over here.

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