Those of you that have been following this section from its outset will have already seen how amazingly complicated I think the task of shopping for baby hardware is. In my mind, one of the most terrifying exercises will be in choosing the appropriate car seat for the sprog. There's such an array of information available and such a range of gadgets and gizmo's that of all my soon-to-be-made purchases, this daunts me the most. Will it be safe enough? Will my child end up with a permanently curved spine? Am I getting too carried away?

Luckily, help appears to be at hand. John Lewis, reinforcing their reputation as a quality retailer, has introduced a cracking service for all expectatnt parents. Nursery Advisors are available at all its stores, offering free personalised appointments to give all parents-to-be impartial guidance on buying all manner of baby hardware, including the best car seat for a new baby.

By booking an appointment with the Nursery Advice team the company claims that parents-to-be will receive impartial advice and the most up-to-date information on the most relevant products to suit their lifestyle and household needs during personalised consultations. With advice geared towards the budget as well as the lifestyle needs of expecting parents, the Nursery Advisors at John Lewis will use their expert skills to guide expectant parents to the right car seat for them.

I'll be trying the service out in coming weeks and will be sure to report back. As Stuart says, it's all in the stats...