That first baby scan is a great moment. It's the first opportunity you've had to see the sprog in its human incubator and the indicator that you've reached a stage when it's possible to start telling people you're about to become a father.

The only problem is that sharing those first pictures is a massive problem. And, to date, sharing a video can be even more problematic.

However, Babybond have come up with a solution. Pioneers of 4D scanning, the company has grasped modern day communication tools and is offering parents the opportunity to have a short video made of the scan, that is then compatible with the latest generation of mobile phones and video iPods / iTunes 6 digital jukebox.

The clips are sent directly to your mobile phone and email address for you to share with all and sundry.

All you need is MMS enabled or 3G mobile phone and you could be sharing your
scan images with friends and family around the world. Since pretty much every phone sold nowadays can send and receive picture messages, that's a lot of places to send the clips!

You'll still need to provide information on what exactly the recipient is looking at (the head is on the right, and no, that's not its willy), but this is certainly an interesting way to tell people some great news.

Have a look at a full demo on the Babybond website